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No Under 11's!!!!! 

 I’m going for a Job interview on Friday with Research Machines (www.rm.com).  I remember this company from the PCs they used to supply to my secondary school  (anyone remember the RM Nimbus?).  Anyway, I’m doing a little bit of research on their site and I noticed that they provide online teaching and learning resources.  I clicked on a link to Romeo & Juliet and got the following message:

“You're about to enter the Secondary version
of Living Library.

The Secondary version is only for pupils who are aged 11 and above. You must not use it if you are under 11.”

Bizarre.  It seems from the disclaimer that this is because they cannot be liable for this material being used to teach children under 11.  I ROLL MY EYES!

All the material is dumbed down national curriculum fodder as well.  Oh well, I won’t slag it off; I need this Job!!!!

Try the link yourselves:  http://www.learningalive.co.uk/Living_Library/Sec_Spotcheck.htm