Slightly dodgy tyre!
I've been driving around for weeks now and the car has been vibrating and I couldn't trace the source. Well today it started vibrating so much I thought a wheel was falling off!!

I just went home at lunchtime, and when I looked at the back wheel the tyre looked a bit... funny. Here's what it looked like when I took it off.

I'm just glad it didn't blow out on me. Looks like a close run thing.

County map
I've visited the counties in yellow.
Which counties have you visited?

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Well I've been to these places (I believe)

1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall This site speaks for itself!! Includes some very rude words and inane banter but it does raise a chuckle here and there. Thanks to the Björk stalker for bringing it to my attention!

Just did some random surfing and found a few interesting home ed links:
BBC - h2g2 - Home Education - A799365 Ancient thread on BBCi.
Interesting Blog haven't gone into much depth with this one yet but this guy seems quite interesting. Appears to be a right-wing libertarian but on face value seems to be a very reasonable and well balanced guy. Of course I could be wrong and he's a nutter but I thought I'd share...
Erogon author interview the book, Aragorn.. ooops sorry, Erogon (don't know why I made that little slip) is going to get it's UK release. Interview with the homeschooled author.

A few oldies that I just dug out.....

This one was taken some time in 1985 and I put it in for reasons of nostalgia and because I just marvel at how astoundingly geeky I look. Just behind me on the chest of drawers is our trusty Acorn Electron, (Note the copy of Heather Cooper's Starfinder on the windowsill which was a great piece of astronomy software... yes, I've said enough...)

My 12th birthday. In a guesthouse in scarborough on a school trip. The 7inch single is "Lessons in Love" by Level42 if I'm not mistaken (go on, comment away...)....

My 12th birthday again. Same guesthouse, same school trip. Picked it out because of my cheesy grin!

I've been ordered to blog. Here it is. I decided I was going to go up on the roof of our house to fit our new fireplace flue on saturday. I hired the ladders... I got as far as the guttering and I was absolutely petrified. I slid the roof ladder onto the roof (nearly killing myself in the process) and upon noticing how damn steep the pitch of the roof is on a victorian terrace, decided not to do it. To say I was Very scared would be an understatement. Did a load of wiring, put in a couple of door casings, did some plastering and some plumbing despite the minor inconvenience of the..... READING HALF-MARATHON!

We don't watch television at home. We haven't done for over a year now. We feel much better for it! Not being subjected to spoonfed pap over the airwaves (apart from Radio 4) is much better for the soul. As such I am proud to say we don't need a television Licence, Despite regular letters of intimidation from the TVLA. We continue to watch legally purchased pre-recorded videos and DVDs however and, as far as I can see, we are perfectly entitled to do so!

I don't want a toaster.
Furnulum pani nolo. "I don't want a toaster." Generally, things (like this quiz) tend to tick you
off. You have contemplated doing grievous
bodily harm to door-to-door salesmen.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
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cyberdyne : Gallery OMG! This man can't have a girlfriend!!! (Frightening thing is that this could have been me by now if marriage hadn't saved me... OK maybe not this bad. Talking of which... David, this is a man after your own heart isn't it? I refer specifically to the "sweet spot" picture. I recall the hours spent in your attic room trying to find the ultimate compromise of speaker and chair positioning (this usually involved one of us sitting bolt upright in the middle of the room listening to Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield with a thoughtful expression while the other moved the speakers or even other objects in the room that might have been affecting the acoustics!). I also remember the painful process of minutely adjusting the recording level to suit the album we were illegally copying and the frequency response of the recording medium. Happy Days!

OK piccies!!!

(June 1999) Great one of Layla and I getting rat-arsed at a friend's wedding (which was actually only a couple of weeks after our own). We got progressively more drunk and had a truely spectacular row (and nothing to do with boats, Chris) at the end of the evening! Ah the memories!

(May 1999) Me in a veil! Here I am picking up the debris from Layla's exit (into a drunken coma, sorry no pictures of Layla in this state are allowed) from our wedding reception!

(June 1999) Me in Grieve Chianti. A picture I don't hate too much!

(Jan 2003) Me and Claudia in Oakhampton. Nice.