After about 10 minutes of email reading and blog surfing (work, pah) I have just realised my top is on inside out and back to front. Doh.


AT LAST!!!!!

New Penguin game! A different version of the penguin hitting game
Note: May not be suitable for children.

Claudias PicturesOld piccies of Corky
Changed it a bit

function coerceDate(fulldate)
  var day, dayindex, month, year, daypostfix;
  dayindex = fulldate.indexOf(",");
  year = fulldate.match(/\d{4}/);
  day = (fulldate.match(/\d{1,2}/))/1;
  month = fulldate.substr(dayindex + 2).match(/[a-z|A-Z]+/);

  if (day > 10 && day < 20)
    daypostfix = "th";
    switch (day%10) {
      case 1 :
        daypostfix = "st"
      case 2 :
        daypostfix = "nd"
      case 3 :
        daypostfix = "rd"
      default :
        daypostfix = "th"

  return(fulldate.substr(0, dayindex) + ', ' + day + '<sup>' + daypostfix + '</sup> ' + month + ', ' + year);


If you wanted to know...

Just had a lovely afternoon with Claudia. We went to Coral Reef in Bracknell
The place was packed but we had an amazing time!! She spent all her time on the little slide and climbing all over the out-of-bounds areas!! She loved the cannons on the pirate ship and spent a lot of time swimming on her back and splashing water on Daddy and everyone else.

When we got home we played Cbeebies. Here she is playing "Come Outside" while eating an apple!

Nothing much to say at the moment - we haven't exchanged.

Apparently the buyer's solicitor is obtaining the deposit today and they expect exchange today or tommorow. (still hasn't happened yet).

Then they say that the lender will take up to 5 days to release funds so they are suggesting completion NEXT FRIDAY. My solicitor says there is not much we can do about that apart from telling them to complete sooner.

The solicitors are now trading phone calls as I blog.....

Coole Games - Hit the pinguin (HOT!) A different hit the penguin game apparently.
Ready for Battle

Will be checking in with the agent later. We'll see what he has to say.

I'm feeling particularly nasty today - time to kick some backside.

Friday the thirteenth, marvelous!
Just Spoke to our solicitor. He is NOT HAPPY with the agents about this. He said that they should have vetted the client more carefully and uncovered these problems right at the start. He is going to find out the position and give them an ultimatum of completion by next Friday, and he wants a reduction in the agents fees due to their incompetence!

Quite right too. House still not sold though.
The saga continues. Rang agent - he says that the buyer still needs to be released from his previous mortgage to allow completion (he got one mortgage during this saga and this is his second). Anyway, the agent says, that the solicitors (for the buyer) say that all the paperwork has been recieved by this mortgage company - all that remains is for them to give to go ahead.

I need to have a conversation with my solicitor about this. Smells like a steaming pile of BS to me...

Apparently the buyers solicitors have all the paperwork to exchange now, but we haven't exchanged yet. The clock is ticking....

House Update
We haven't exchanged yet, that's all. Although our estate agent assures us that the buyers solicitor says that exchange is imminent, it ain't over yet...

If anyone can't see the images on this blog then please let me know via the comments. Tell me what OS and Browser you're using as well.

!!!!!House Update!!!!!
OK this isn't really earth shattering but we may have made a slight amount of progress.
The agent informs me that our buyer has decided that he does want to buy our house at the price agreed after we told him we had a queue of other buyers (he he). We are now tentatively on course to exchange this friday and complete next wednesday.
Relieved as I am by this apparent turn of events, I will not rest until the money's in the bank and we are shot of the place.

Who wouldn't buy this place?
Please Note: The attractive garden (dug by Layla's fair hand while 8months pregnant and with Hyperemesis, although I did build the deck) and the beautiful bathroom pannelled and floored by Layla. I may have helped a bit ;)
Our House is still on the market
I'm about to phone our estate agent to see if our stupid potential house buyer has come to his senses and stumped up the cash to buy our bargain of a house in London.
I don't hold out much hope.

New Comments Provider
Switched to Squawkbox, old comments provider was unreliable and SLLOOOWWWWW.

Wow! How cool is this?!