NEw Location, NEW start.
This site should now be sucessfully hosted at and any old links should redirect.

Feeling cold? Put another cat in the stove!

WarZone3 Very nice java game.
Welcome to Aldershot!
I have the misfortune to work here.
A better description can be found here: click me (taken from craptowns)
There is another guy in the office from Reading who made it in as well so it would have looked suspicious if I'd stayed at home.
Managed to get into work today. Roads not too bad. Virtually no-one else has come in though. Poo.
Got a cold, ho hum. Have a look at this rather outdated link from my bookmark collection:
'Tis a rather good "Streetfighter" style game staring Tony Blair and William Hague.


Hmmm, having a play with the template, have patience with me....