CBBC Newsround | YOUR REPORTS | Moving up to secondary school isn't that bad
I'm so glad we don't do this to our kids. What really summed it up for me was the picture of Christopher in his classroom.

Newsgator Test 

Just thought I’d blog from work to see how this works. Simon

adders.org - ADD/ADHD Online Support Group
I just had to Blog this!!!!
The website belongs to the family of an ADHD child who was excluded from school and then home educated. The main reason I blogged this is the large collection of free software on this site. Claudia and I have been trying it out and it's fab!!

BBC NEWS | Education | School selection under scrutiny

More Stalinist bollocks (dressed up very nicely of course).

According to Education minister Stephen Twigg, children can have a natural apptitude in sports and music but not in technology, art or modern languages.