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January 30, 2004
  Ok I finally managed to get some pictures - this is the house as it is now:

Back garden - this is the first thing we need when we moved in. It was so overgrown that it was about half its actual size and unusable, also full of rubble & rubbish with nothing much growing and lots of concrete. We cleared it completely, replaced all fences & painted, made planting areas and built two large decks (one with a sandpit in for Claudia). All we have left to do is the alley down the side of the house which will need to wait until all the drains have been replaced (fun job for the spring). (Taken from what will be the bathroom & what will be C's bedroom - you can see that the roof needs retiling).

This is the extension at the back, it was originally three rooms (tiny kitchen, bathroom & utility). We've knocked down two walls and widened all the doorways. This will eventually be the kitchen. Yes that is a bath at the end!

What will be Claudia's playroom - at the moment we do everything in here (as you can see from the clutter). The wall with the window originally had horrible metal patio doors that we removed & bricked up (to give us more space) before putting the new window in. We've also opened up the fireplace (which meant replacing the water & heating systems since the house originally had a back boiler) and are in the process of putting a wood burning stove in. All the original plaster had to be removed throughout the house - possibly the most horrible job we've done so far. We lifted each floorboard and individually planed & sanded them (the green paint was too thick to sand in situ). We've also replaced (but not finished yet) the ceiling.

The sitting room- well it will be, it is our bedroom at the moment. The room was originally much smaller with a corridor running to the playroom. We knocked this wall down to make the room much lighter & more usable. We've also open up the fireplace, done the floor and replaced the ceiling. Most of the wiring & plumbing in the house is now replaced.

Upstairs - the front bedroom (will be ours), changed the position of the doors to allow for the new stairs & heating cupboard. We've opened up the fireplace (which had not be swept and had 60cms of soot in it) and stripped all the old plaster out, luckily the ceiling is ok & doesn't need replacing. We've got the wiring done, but need to get all the plumbing for the central heating extended. As you can see there are no windows (it is so cold) as we had to take the old ones out & are waiting for the replacements.

The house was originally a 2+1 with the two back rooms interconnected - this was one of the biggest jobs and involved re-sitting the stairs (more of that) and building a wall. Looking from our room along the hall (which we built) to the back of the house you can see the stud wall of Claudia's bedroom on the right and what will be the bathroom (the +1) room straight ahead.

This is what will be the bathroom (that's our lovely roll top bath under the tarp), we've replaced the ceiling, lighting and window. To put the bathroom upstairs we need to replace all the drains (which means digging up the garden). We've also run into a bit of a problem and have to replace the old wooden joists with RSJs which is a big job and a complete PITA (we'll have to take out a lot of the new plumbing we've done).

Claudia's room - drylined (hooray!), new window, new plumbing & electrics, new floor, new fireplace; being used as a store room at the moment.

The stairs - this is hard to explain, to separate the two rooms at the back of the house we needed to build a corridor & move the stairs. The top of the stairs is now directly above where the bottom used to be (LOL) and the bottom of the stairs is where the understairs cupboard was. We had to move and replace the water cylinders before we did the stairs, since they used to be where the landing is now. We also built the stairs ourselves.

January 29, 2004
  Another test 
  This is about our house - well our shack really :) I'm going to upload some pictures in a minute of its current state - this is after 18 months of bloody hard work. We're doing this blog so we have a record and to help explain why we're such unsociable gits!  
Rebuilding the shack.

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